Cassie Laine Pink Pussy Spread Wide Open

I love that ATK Galleria has so many pink pussy videos of the young and always sexy Cassie Laine, but it’s a bit off putting that so many of them seem to be on a bed. The same bed even? They should really switch things up a bit and move locations and settings.

Now in saying that, any missteps in pornography production are completely mitigated by this ridiculously beautiful brunette babe. As soon as I saw this girl I knew it was love at first sight. The way she looks into the camera is cock numbing.

Cassie Laine Pink Pussy Video on Bed from ATK Galleria

Full Length 1080p HD Video @ ATK Galleria : .MP4, 15:00, 695MB, 1920×1080 HD, 6,000k

This movie has Cassie Laine writhing around in bed, showing off her legs and every other part of her sexy little body. She’s wearing black lace panties and a purple top. The finale has her spreading her pink pussy wide open, showing off both pairs of bright vagina lips and every other part of the inner workings of her female pink pussy bits.

Every time I watch another Cassie Laine video I’m even more impressed, she’s just so goddamned hot and yet does all the kinky stuff we’d hoped she would. Ticks every box and keeps coming back to offer more. My kind of pornstar!

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Cassie Laine Orgasm with Vibrator at Twistys

This is a Cassie Laine orgasm video clip where she sits in a chair and diddles herself with her legs spready wide open. She eventually achieves a body shaking orgasm, shivering in delight with orgasmic electricity running through all of her dainty little feminine muscles.

But I have to say, whoever at Twisty’s decided what Cassie Laine was to wear for this masturbation scene should give their head a shake. It’s like a bathing suit or body suit or something with an animal print, and it makes this absolutely stunningly beautiful brunette model look pretty average. I think she’s one of the prettiest girls in the industry right now, but this fashion faux pas isn’t doing her any favours in my unimportant and humble opinion.

Cassie Laine Full Body Shaking Orgasm with Pink Vibrator at Twistys

Full Length 720p HD Video @ Twistys : .MP4, 13:01, 978MB, 1280×720 HD, 10,000k

She uses a long pink vibrator with a loop at the top of the handle if someone out there feels like trying to identify it. I don’t recognize which company the vibe is from but maybe someone else out there does. Seems to work pretty good as she’s able to bring herself to an intense full body orgasm, with her toes curled up and legs quivering. Just the kind of real orgasms we should see more of in porn in general. More shoots like this Cassie Laine orgasm clip with girls who know how to put on a good performance, please! Pretty please?!

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Cassie Laine SexART Scene Eager with Malena Morgan

Very happy to see the top rated model at Met Art being paired with one of my absolute favourite new models this year Cassie Laine. Here’s some sample photos from this Cassie Laine SexART scene.

Cassie Laine and Malena Morgan SexART Eager Cover

Malena Morgan kisses Cassie Laine on the cover of this Sex Art scene titled Eager

Malena Morgan pulling panties off Cassie Laine

Cassie Laine lies back as Malena Morgan pueels her white cotton panties off as the sunlight shines in through the open doors

Cassie Laine Licking Thighs

Malena Morgan licking the thighs of her lesbian girlfriend, teasing her by withholding her tongue from her pussy thus far

Cassie Laine Lesbian

A great Cassie Laine lesbian picture of the two ladies lying and facing each other on the couch

Cassie Laine on Top

Cassie Laine moves on top and Malena stares into her eyes with fiery feminine passion

Cassie Laine Licking Pussy

Cassie Laine licking pussy of Malena Morgan with her tongue firmly planted in the center of her clit

Pussy Licking Closeup

Cassie Laine gets smothered by the pussy of her friend whose now on top for a pussy licking closeup and a nice view of her ass

Cassie Laine Fingering

Cassie Laine fingering closeup shot with two fingers plunged deep into her glistening wet pussy

Cassie Laine Finger Fucked

Cassie Laine finger fucked from behind by a single digit of her female accomplice

Malena Morgan Lesbian Sex

Malena Morgan doing a lesbian sex scene, all you can see of Cassie is her neck

Malena Morgan Pussy Tongued

Malena Morgan pussy tongued and fingered at the same time in this Cassie Laine SexART lesbian photo gallery

Cassie Laine Four Fingers

Cassie Laine has four fingers stuffed deep into her snatch as Malena holds her deeply and tightly

Cassie Laine Penetrated

Cassie Laine penetrated by the long slender girlish fingers of one of the most popular names in erotic pornography today.


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Cassie Laine Pussy Licking to Orgasm By Shyla Jennings

Cassie Laine pussy licking videos are extra special because this stunning young girl is equally suited to high end glamour photography scenes as well as getting freaky with other girls such as Shyla Jennings here.

She’s lucky to be paired with a girl like Shyla Jennings whose incredibly talented with her tongue, a lesbo impresario you might say. Cassie Laine is helpless under the loving pussy licks that are being unleashed on her gash.

Shyla Jennings and Cassie Laine Pussy Licking in Girl Time from Reality Kings

Full Length 1080p HD Video @ We Live Together : .MP4, 32:58, 2.34GB, 1920×1080 HD, 10,000k

Doing girl/girl scenes is as far as Cassie Laine is prepared to go at the moment, and with her looks I can’t say I blame her for postponing or even avoiding hardcore sex with guys altogether. I highly doubt she has trouble booking shoots with producers! Everyone in the business must want a big fat chunk of the proverbial Cassie Laine ass these days.

Again this is one of those posts that’s a little bit bitter sweet for me, because the last video has such an awesome thumbnail. Scroll down, she really looks great in it.

Now that’s not to say that my Cassie Laine blog isn’t now the proud owner of this awesome scene from the Reality Kings lesbian site We Live Together.

In all honesty I think it’s one of the best lesbian sites now and ever. Maybe it doesn’t get the kind of credit it deserves because it’s mixed in with all the other RK sites. But imagine if WeLiveTogether was a standalone lesbian site from another company? There’s no question it would sell like hotcakes. The content is just that good, and you get the feeling they got a lot of input from the models themselves about how to do a lesbian site that both guys and girls could get into. They don’t scimp on the hardcore, but there’s also something more to their scenes than at some of their other properties even.

In this Cassie Laine pussy licking and ass licking / rimming video she reaches a full mind blowing orgasm and climaxes, even giggling a little bit, the way girls do when they cum so hard they can hardly believe it themselves. Shyla Jennings will do that to a young woman’s wet shaved pussy, given the opportunity.

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Cassie Laine Softcore Video in See Through Dress

In this Cassie Laine softcore video we have this beautiful girl standing in front of a mirror primping and preening herself, staring at her reflection and examining her entire body and physique in a see through dress.

Cassie Laine is sporting a new short haircut for this shoot, and it’s now shoulder length, and a bit shorter in the back than the front. Similar colour to what it was before, but maybe slightly more reddish. Could just be the natural lighting coming through the window though. She brushes her hair in this clip, and wears it up in a pony tail and also down too. Which do you think she looks best in?

Cassie Laine Softcore Video Scene from Digital Desire in Sheer Dress

Full Length 720p HD Video @ Digital Desire : .MP4, 10:05, 226MB, 1280×720 HD, 3000k

This beautifully stunning brunette is wearing a sheer or see through dress, white with a black flower print across it. You can easily see that she’s not wearing a bra, and her nipples are poking through the thin fabric in the chest. You can also see her black thong panties beneath, which is confirmed when she lifts up her dress to show her panties and look at her ass in the mirror.

Next Cassie Laine bends over to look at her face more closely, and her dress rides up in the back so we get to see her ass too. Finally she climbs up entirely on the counter and the clip ends. Later on in this video she masturbates herself with the running water of the faucet in the bathroom sink, and shivers in a sensual orgasm.

This girl totally pulls off the glamour model thing with ease, and since she just got started we can expect to see many more awesome Cassie Laine softcore video and photo sets for the foreseeable future. We can only some more from DDGirls! They really do her a lot of justice in this scene, a really well done production from start to finish.

If you’d like to read more about Digital Desire (used to be Digital Dreamgirls aka DDGirls) you can read my review here.

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Cassie Laine in New Experiences by Twistys

And I present to you Cassie Laine, one of the hottest new porn starlets around in her Twistys scene titled New Experiences. This girl is very pretty, and I assume this will be just one of many scenes to come from her, if we can hope she sticks around for a while. Certainly the option is open if she chooses to accept the challenge! Bookings for days, girl. Since she does webcam shows too, I imagine she’ll stay around for a while.

One look at the face and body of this gorgeous dark haired teen is enough make me think she’s going to be a total phenomenon in the world of porn. Maybe I’m getting ahead of myself, but she’s got it all. She looks young, innocent, shy, dark, alluring, cute, sexy, sultry, all at the same time. She even has a sort of Persian look going too.

Cassie Laine New Pornstar in 2012 Sexy Brunette Teen from Twistys

Full Length 720p HD Video @ Twistys : .MP4, 9:30, 721MB, 1280×720 HD, 10,000k

In this video by Twistys she begins in a sex of lacy pink lingerie, lying sideways on a couch with nothing on but her bra and panties. She has a bright smile, especially when she shows her pearly white teeth. Pouty lips, big long hair, she’s got it all!

Her bra and panties are removed in what seems to be no time at all, and Cassie Laine scoots her little butt up to the edge of the couch and gives her pussy a bit of a freshening furl. Then she stands up as sexily as she can, tugs on the ends of her hair a bit, and does a full bend over for the camera.

Cassie Laine lies back down on the white leather couch wearing nothing but her black strapped high heels, lubricates her plastic vibrator by sliding it into her mouth for a quick suck, and then straight down to her pussy, rubbing it into her clit.

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Cassie Laine Bio and Introduction

Who is Cassie Laine? Who knows! She’s brand spankingly new to the porn biz, so we don’t know a goddamned thing about her yet to write a proper bio with. She’s got dark brown hair, word is she’s 19 years old, American, lives in Los Angeles where else… But I’m really just stating the obvious. Oh it says here on her Twitter page that her birthday is October 24th, but she doesn’t give a year. There’s some valid details. Same birthday as my Mom! Different year…

What else can I dig up here on her Twitter.. She’s got an agent, but doesn’t list her booking info on her twitter page like many other models to. She says she loves bubble baths. She smokes cigarettes – Marlboro Red 100′s. Her first tweet was from the 26th of April, 2012, and 2 days later she tweeted she was doing a shoot for Met Art (maybe for SexArt?) I’ll have a look for that to see about posting here. This is a Cassie Laine blog after all. Oh one more thing, she did confirm that she only does g/g scenes, and has no plans to do boy girl hardcore at this point.

Alright creeping this girl on Twitter for a bio is getting kinda creepy. I’ll stop now and get to posting the titttttaaaaays. I’m also thinking Cassie Laine is the perfect model for me to revisit my pornstar interview idea that I tried to get started before. Turns out porn chicks are kinda flaky, who knew?! They’re there.. But hard to pin down to things like a certain time of day. I’ll see what I can do. She says she’s “in it to win it” so we’ll see how serious she really is.

Edit: Also I see she’s done a scene for Art Lingerie (read my review of Art Lingerie here) that we can expect to come soon, maybe in late June 2012.

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Cassie Laine

Age: 19
Height: 5'3"
Weight: 101lb / 43kg
Measurements: 32B-24-34
Country: USA
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Birthday: Unknown
Implants: No
Hair: Brunette
Eyes: Brown


Cassie Laine is a brand new face in the industry, first appearing in mid 2012. She's already been featured on some of the biggest sites in the world, attesting to how popular and sought after she is. Cassie has reddish auburn hair around shoulder length, natural B cups and does masturbation and lesbian scenes - so far!


Cassie FTV

Action Level

+ Fully Nude
+ Masturbation
+ Girl / Girl
- Handjobs
- Blowjobs
- Hardcore Sex
- Anal Sex
- DP
- Extreme

About Cassie